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Pharmaceutical Care

We are highly trained healthcare professionals here to help you understand your treatments, dosages, interactions, etc.


Dermocosmetic Advice

With effective brands such as GEMA HERRERÍAS, SVR, IFC, LA ROCHE POSAY, VICHY, ISDIN, KRIIM, SOLITO, MIA… we can guide you to find the treatment that best suits you.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Free of charge and whenever you need it, we help you control your blood pressure.


Custom Formulations

They are prepared for you in a pharmacy equipped with the necessary resources, such as equipment, materials, and technical expertise to create your compounded prescriptions.


Extensive experience in advising treatments with medicinal plants. We work with renowned laboratories such as Arko, Solgar, Aboca, Esi.

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With our loyalty card, you will get discounts on over-the-counter products.

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Information about on-call pharmacies.

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